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With my extensive knowledge of New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island I offer a range of location services to the Film and TV industry.


Using a Location Guide with this level of knowledge and experience offers significant cost savings in needing to pre-scout locations as well as knowledge about fresh locations that have not been well used by other productions.


Keeping small film crews safe, warm and comfortable in New Zealand's harder wilderness locations is my speciality and I've organised logistics to some of New Zealands most remote locations with crews of up to 15 people.





First Crossings (series 1 – 2012) – Eyeworks TV/TVNZ

First Crossings (series 2 – 2013) – Eyeworks TV/TVNZ


Intrepid New Zealand (2014) – Eyeworks TV/TVNZ


Terra X: New Zealand (2014) – Spiegel TV/ZDF (German)


The New Zealand Home (2016) – Warner Brothers


Clips courtesy of Eyeworks TV and TVNZ


To see all the First Crossings shows on demand visit:

First Crossings Series 1 Episode 2: Grave-Talbot in Fiordland

First Crossings Series 2 Episode 2: Harwoods Hole

First Crossings Series 2 Episode 7: Douglas & Mueller in South Westland

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