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"The best camera is the one you have on you"


This is even more true in today's digital world than when it was the motto in the days of analogue film photography.


I still continue to use a range of cameras for my image capture. With digital 35mm I work on high resolution DSLR's with a range of lenses from 15mm to 400mm. I use the best lenses on the highest resolution cameras so that I can produce digital files for clients wanting larger reproductions.


I still continue to enjoy working with analogue film from time to time. The original Horseman 5x4 Field camera is still in use today over 20 years since I first purchased it and the Schneider, Rodenstock and Nikon lenses still deliver the same outstanding image quality. While I do some stitched panoramic photographs in the digital format, I still find that my Linhof 6x12 and 6x17 cameras are perfect for some situations.


For digital post-processing I use Lightroom and Photoshop CC on a MacPro with a colour balanced NEC PA271W screen to give the most accurate colour management possible. Colour management has become increasingly critical in todays world now that most photographers have taken over their own post-processing and getting their photographs ready for print.


For work needing onsight lighting I have a full battery powered Elinchrome kit that gives the power and balanced lighting for almost every situation.


For time-lapse and motion controlled video I use a portable, robust Dynamic Perceptions slider with a matched motion control unit.


On my workshops I'll give you the best advice I can regarding equipment, but the right solution for your own photography will be the one you arrive at yourself.

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